Bradley Traded to Wildmary's

In a press release today, Gateway United announced the club has traded Michael Bradley to the expansion Cumberland Athletic in order to acquire another 3rd round pick in next months BSL draft. "While we would have liked to have held onto Bradley, the cap space prevents the club from doing so. " said the manager. The Saints do have the option to purchase or trade for one more Designated Player and have every intention in doing so. The club also intends on signing a Retention Player too. "The fans need to understand the club cannot keep everyone and the decision was made to get something for Michael rather than nothing."


  1. If you want that DP slot, I'm open to negotiations.

    - Alamo

  2. Gateway United23/1/15

    I'll buy it off you. How much you want for it?

  3. Would you do a 2nd rounder and cash ?

  4. Gateway United25/1/15

    Just cash thanks. Rather than pay the league for a 3rd DP, I pay a club for one.