Saints Will Trial Young Striker

The Saints have signed 23 year Geofery Castillon to a contract. The youngster has several years of experience in the Dutch league and is a strong big body that usual bodes well in the American league. "Clearly this is a project as he will most likely pose no help to the club for the playoffs. We will be evaluating his progress in 2014. It's his production that will determine if he earns a spot on the roster in 2015." Released from the Saints roster is Igor Juliao.


Playoffs Semi Final

The fans cheered hard. But, that was just the first step to the ultimate goal. The Saints playoff win over the rival Gunners has advanced the club into a Semi Final matchup against Orange County. "You have to respect the Honors Trophy champion. The Saints are expecting a war and must prepare in order to have a chance to win." said the manager.

The announced lineup for the Semi Final is: Adi, Higuain, Piatti, Deleon, McInerney, Donovan, Amarikwa, Espindola, Bradley, Nagbe, Busch(G), Cruz(sub#1), Juliao(sub#2), S.Williams(sub#3), S.Johnson(reserve)


Playoff Win Never Felt So Good

Not this time. Not this year. Gateway United brought its "A" game to the CD Gunners and brought home that elusive playoff win. "It just feels good to finally get that script finished and now we can talk about Gateway United as the perrennial contender the club actually is." said the manager after the game. Landon Donovan was the spark as he came through with a goal and assist on Wednesday. With the lead in hand, a lot of the pressure seemed to fade away and the boys could just play football. Then the floodgates followed and Gateway United pounded the Gunners for 8 points. "It felt good. It felt real good!"


Playoffs Wildcard

The anticipation is getting to maximum levels. Gateway United is back in the playoffs. The supporters are filling up the buses to travel to the Gunners home and out-chant, out-class, and hopefully push the Saints to victory. "It's not an easy place to play, but there are no more easy matches at this stage. No more Ohio's. It's time to see who is worthy of being named league Champs." With no Majors Cup again this season this is Gateway United's only chance at a league trophy this season. "We've struggled enough in the playoffs. This club was built to win now." Those struggles are well documented. Three trips before, and 3 losses. Is this the year the Saints win in the playoffs? "The players are not focused on that stuff. They know the job at hand and are prepared to play Gateway United's style of play."

The announced lineup for the wildcard match is: Adi, Higuain, Donovan, Espindola, Bradley, Piatti, Nagbe, Deleon, S.Williams, Amarikwa, Busch(G), McInerney(sub#1), Cruz(sub#2), Juliao(sub#3), S.Johnson(reserve).


Week 22

Throughout the week leading up to the match against Ohio, all the press wanted to talk about was the playoffs and the club did its best to avoid the questions. Here is an insert from the coaches press conference. "There is still a match to be played on the schedule. It's a great opportunity to evaluate the players and see who is in peak for the playoffs."

The announced lineup for week 22 is: Adi, Donovan, Higuain(C), Bradley, McInerney, S.Williams, Nagbe, Amarikwa, Deleon, Piatti, Busch(G), Juliao(sub1), Cruz(sub2), Espindola(sub3), S.Johnson(reserve).


Saints Return to the Playoffs

It's not official, but it is to Saints fans! After Gateway United's 3-0 victory on Sunday, the supporters marched around St. Louis beating the drums of the playoffs once again. The 4th time the Saints have been to the dance. There is still a match remaining, but its against Ohio and even a 0-0 draw will be enough to make it official. "This club knew it would make the playoffs. For the last couple of weeks the roster moves made were with the playoffs in mind." When asked about going up against Capital District in the first round, the response was minimal. "After next weekend there will be plenty of time to talk about the Gunners."


Week 21

The push for the playoffs continues......... Last week the Saints disposed of Union S.C. 8-3 in what was a huge game. The week before the Saints took down the Flyers 5-3 in what was a make it or break it scenario. "Its been an intense stretch and the players have responded well. But, the club is still below the blue line and cannot rest." said the manager. Next is the Stoners. The pressure remains just the same.

The announced lineup for week 21 is: Donovan(C), Higuain, DeLeon, Nagbe, S.Williams, Bradley, McInerney, Amarikwa, Adi, Juliao, S.Johnson(G), Cruz(sub1), Espindola(sub2), Piatti(sub3), Busch(reserve).