Playoffs Wildcard

The anticipation is getting to maximum levels. Gateway United is back in the playoffs. The supporters are filling up the buses to travel to the Gunners home and out-chant, out-class, and hopefully push the Saints to victory. "It's not an easy place to play, but there are no more easy matches at this stage. No more Ohio's. It's time to see who is worthy of being named league Champs." With no Majors Cup again this season this is Gateway United's only chance at a league trophy this season. "We've struggled enough in the playoffs. This club was built to win now." Those struggles are well documented. Three trips before, and 3 losses. Is this the year the Saints win in the playoffs? "The players are not focused on that stuff. They know the job at hand and are prepared to play Gateway United's style of play."

The announced lineup for the wildcard match is: Adi, Higuain, Donovan, Espindola, Bradley, Piatti, Nagbe, Deleon, S.Williams, Amarikwa, Busch(G), McInerney(sub#1), Cruz(sub#2), Juliao(sub#3), S.Johnson(reserve).

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