Nagbe Made DP After Acquisition

Gateway United announced to its supporters today the club has completed a trade to acquire Darlington Nagbe from the BSL Champion Flyers. The young and talented forward came at the steep price tag of a 2nd round draft pick. "The Saints believe in Nagbe. He is entering his third year in the professional ranks and has shown maturity along the way. In addition he is being re-united with Caleb Porter and the belief is he will rise to stardom under the new system." With the trade complete, Nagbe officially has been placed as a Saints designated player.


  1. McInerney for a 3rd Rounder?

  2. Gateway U21/1/13

    I am okay with it on the condition that I get a DP slot from you as well. deal?

  3. Rose City21/1/13

    For what it's worth, I don't think you're evaluating Nagbe incorrectly. I just wasn't sure I wanted to bet on Porter getting things clicking for the Timbers right away. I would have picked him back up if he fell as low as my #11 slot, but you made it clear that he wasn't going to. Good luck this season. Well, against most people.

  4. Sorry my DP slots are not available unless a Top 5 talent is coming the other way.

  5. I'm interested in Cooper

    - Alamo City

  6. Gateway U6/2/13

    Your first round pick.

  7. Alamo City14/2/13

    You still open to Cooper for my 1st rounder?