It Was No "Battle" Against Old Monarchs

Week 18 Saints 7 Battle 2 - A week removed from spanking Burud Town, the men in green continued their trek against a future playoff opponent. "We came into this match with the goal of sending a clear message. If this is a playoff preview, its going to be game on!!" said the Saints coach. Once the first whistle blew Gateway United took control and built up a sizeable lead further humiliating the Battle, who must have been jet lagged. "To be honest we were expecting a better performance from a club on a 7 game winning streak. I guess they are not a good as we thought" said Landon Donovan. The Saints completed there Founders Cup games for the season finishing 3W-2L-1T. The results of the final Founders Cup games will determine if that's enough to claim the cup. So what's in store for next week. Well now Gateway United will take the show to face Barium Cup rivals, Alliance for the 2nd leg. "Time to tame the lion cubs again" said Kenny Cooper.

Match Build Up: Week 19
Next opponent- Alliance FC

Lineup- Donovan, Cooper, Beckham, Carr, Castrillon, Rolfe, Mullan, Jackson, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Bolanos, Salinas, Espinoza


Bright Lights, Big Result

Week 17 Saints 6 Stags 2 - After waiting for what seemed like ages for Beckham and Donovan to get going, the two all stars lit up the scoreboard helping Gateway United defeat Burud Town for the first time. Unfortunately, Alamo City and Pennsylvania also won their games, so the Saints still trail in the BSL standings by 7 points for the Honors Trophy.
Match Build Up: Week 18
Next opponent- Alamo City

Lineup- Donovan, Cooper, Beckham, Chiumiento, Castrillon, Rolfe, Espinoza, Jackson, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Solli, Perlaza, Corrales.


Loss Might Have Cost Honors Trophy

Week 16 Gunners 3 Saints 2- A late goal by the Gunners ended the Saints 5 game unbeaten streak and puts the club in a tough position to catch the league leaders for first place. "Its going to require a strong finish to the season to catch the clubs in front. This weeks loss was very costly" said the club owner.

Match Build Up: Week 17

Next opponent- Burud Town

Lineup- Donovan, Cooper, Beckham, Chiumiento, Castrillon, Rolfe, Solli, Jackson, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Espinoza, Perlaza, Corrales.


Saints Keep Applying the Pressure

Week 15 Saints 5 Stars 1 - Gateway United stayed within 4 points of the league leaders in the BSL as the race for the Honors Trophy heats up. "There are 4 clubs in serious contention for the title and there is 7 matches remaining" said the owner. Against the Stars, Gateway United took control early and dominated the run of play the entire 90. It was a good win and keeps the pressure on the other clubs.

Match Build Up: Week 16
BSL Record- 8W 4L 3T (27 pts)
Position- 4th place

MCQ Record- 3W 0L 1T (10 pts)
Position - 3rd place

Next opponent- CD Gunners

Lineup- Donovan, Cooper, Beckham, Chiumiento, Castrillon, Rolfe, Solli, Jackson, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Espinoza, Perlaza, Corrales.