Saints Keep Applying the Pressure

Week 15 Saints 5 Stars 1 - Gateway United stayed within 4 points of the league leaders in the BSL as the race for the Honors Trophy heats up. "There are 4 clubs in serious contention for the title and there is 7 matches remaining" said the owner. Against the Stars, Gateway United took control early and dominated the run of play the entire 90. It was a good win and keeps the pressure on the other clubs.

Match Build Up: Week 16
BSL Record- 8W 4L 3T (27 pts)
Position- 4th place

MCQ Record- 3W 0L 1T (10 pts)
Position - 3rd place

Next opponent- CD Gunners

Lineup- Donovan, Cooper, Beckham, Chiumiento, Castrillon, Rolfe, Solli, Jackson, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Espinoza, Perlaza, Corrales.

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