Stoners 3 Saints 0

Week 8- The match against Pennsylvania was not one to remember. Every shot was off by just a few inches. Every chance was wasted. It was just one of this games where nothing goes right. The Saints were shut out and drop to a 4-2-2 record.


Match Build Up: Week 8

Another week, another Game of theWeek. Gateway United is no stranger to pressure and the schedule has been filled with tough opponents for the last few weeks. Now the Saints must play the Stoners who just kicked some arse. An 8-0 arse kick to be more specific. But, to be the best you have to beat the best and this weekend should be fun and a good test. Starters- Cooper, Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, Chiumiento, Espinoza, Paulo jr, Solli, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Corrales, Rolfe, Perea.


Match Build Up: Week 7

The commitment to winning for Gateway United should never be in doubt. Sure the club sits in 2nd place, but making the playoffs is not on the agenda. Winning the LEAGUE Hardware is! "Gateway United has made the playoffs before. That is not enough anymore. Losing to Alamo City in week 5 is a concern and steps have been taken to improve the roster. At least that is the idea." Just inked the Saints have obtained Davide Chiumiento and Jan Gunnar Solli from Second City for Estrada and Joseph. "This trade is a message. The Saints are in it to win it this season."
Starters- Cooper, Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, Chiumiento, Espinoza, Paulo jr, Solli, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Corrales, Evans, Perea.


Saints 6 Alliance 3

Week 6 - Back to business!! That was the montra throughout the week as the players and the clubs owner were severely upset over last weeks loss to Alamo City. "We got beat and need to improve." Standing in the way of the Saints in week 6 was Barium Cup rival, Alliance F.C., who is struggling at the moment. "You have to take advantage when you play a rival who is struggling. You have to end it quickly and prevent any hope that an upset is possible." That is exactly what happened, as the Saints took a bite out of the Lions to take the first leg of the series and now has a 3 point aggregate advantage too. The offense clicked and is now averaging over 4 points each week.


Match Build Up: Week 6

The Saints return after a disappointing loss to the Alamo City Battle. "It was a tough result. The boys played well, but the result was not kind." Next up is a Barium Cup derby against Alliance FC. "You always want to avoid losing streaks, so a win in this match is very important." said the Saints owner. Starters: Cooper, Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, Estrada, Paulo Jr, Joseph, Espinoza, Nielsen. Subs: Evans, Perea, Corrales.


Match Build Up: Week 5

Gateway United is once again in the Game of the Week. For most clubs this kind of pressure would be too much, but when you wear the green kit, you are not most clubs. "The pressure is just part of the package. The Saints have a reputation for being one of the best in the BSL." This week is going to be pressure packed. Standing room only is expected as an old rival, Alamo City, is scheduled and this club brings some bite. "This is not for the weak of heart. These boys come to play, come to win, and don't allow for mistakes. Alamo City is going to be a real challenge and look to have their best roster since 2009. The challenge will be to slow down Thierry Henry. He has been a beast the last 2 weeks. He must be neutralized. Next Perez is another nightmare. Attempting to shut down this line up is not the mindset. The Saints plan to fight in a wide open style."
Gateway United will wear the alternate kits since this is also a Founders Cup match. "This is just the way we like it. No cup should be easy. Win big or don't win at all. Starters- Cooper, Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, Estrada, Espinoza, Paulo jr, Joseph, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Evans, Perea, Cameron,


Saints 3 Spartans 3

Week 4 -When is a tie good? It's good when your club is not at full strength and down by a point with a player left. Jimmy Nielsen did his job and came through with a clean sheet on Sunday to keep the Saints undefeated. "It was a good result." Even though the Saints dropped to second place, having 10 points in 4 matches is a good start.

3-0-1 (10 points)
2nd place league table.

Next Week: Alamo City.
The Texas club is in first place now. There is still some hatred from losing the 2009 playoff match. You don't forget that. This also has Founders Cup implications.