Match Build Up: Week 7

The commitment to winning for Gateway United should never be in doubt. Sure the club sits in 2nd place, but making the playoffs is not on the agenda. Winning the LEAGUE Hardware is! "Gateway United has made the playoffs before. That is not enough anymore. Losing to Alamo City in week 5 is a concern and steps have been taken to improve the roster. At least that is the idea." Just inked the Saints have obtained Davide Chiumiento and Jan Gunnar Solli from Second City for Estrada and Joseph. "This trade is a message. The Saints are in it to win it this season."
Starters- Cooper, Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, Chiumiento, Espinoza, Paulo jr, Solli, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Corrales, Evans, Perea.

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