How Are the Saints Going to Rebuild

What is in store for Gateway United when the club resumes after the offseason? That is a very good question. What is the club going to do with its DP slots? Landon Donovan is always a rumor to be leaving for Europe and could be a risky proposition, but how on Earth can the Saints ever release the USMNT Captain.
The deadline for submitting DP's has not been announced by the league as of yet, but it will probably be sometime in late February or early March. That should give the Saints enough time to see who is worth protecting on the roster. Perhaps the club should go the route of Union Southern California a year ago and trade away its DP slots for more first round draft picks. It was a move that helped that club rebuild and make this years BSL Cup. There are no set plans as of now. The only thing that is for sure is the desire to be a playoff team is always there.

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