We Are United. Gateway United

That other club in St. Louis making its way down the I-70 is packing a lot of press. Everywhere you read about how great the Cure are. Sure "the disaease" is undefeated. Sure "the disease" is leading the BSL in statistics. Big freaking deal. The Saints are still the owners of this town. The Cure have won nothing yet. Now, truth be told the Cure are a competitive side. But they still have to show the proper respect to the Saints side. The Show Me Cup is still up for grabs. The season still has 12 games to go. We haven't even started the Majors Cup qualify table yet. This week, Gateway United fans alike must stand strong together. All fans who were lucky enough to get tickets will receive a t-shirt to let "the disease" know WE ARE UNITED!!!! GATEWAY UNITED.

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