One point is just not good enough


Even with all the preparations for this match, the Saints could not score without their "big 2" in the lineup. Before the match, the Saints picked up a whole bunch of players just for this one week and specifically targeted Crew players that had two games on slate. Wouldn't you know it, those Crew players did absolutely nothing. Chances are if the Cure had picked them up for 1 game they'd had racked up a hat trick each. Words cannot express how frustrating it is to see the offense struggle against a New York club that has followed in the sterotype of New York metropolition teams and given up when the going got tough. (New York only supports winners) The 1-1 tie is in no way being considered half full. We wanted 3 points and just did not get it done. Gateway United will look to restructure its lineup once again to get ready for the rival Cure.

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