Stopping the disease from spreading?


On Thursday Gateway United will begin a huge match against inter-state rivals St. Louis Cure S.C. If you would have said at the beginning of the season that one of these clubs would be 3-0 and the other would be 1-2, who would have guessed the Cure would be the ones in the drivers seat. All is not roses in the Gateway. The offense is sick and the best remedy would be to kick the living beep out of the Cure. It will not be easy. Infact, the Saints are the underdogs. The Cure have destroyed their first 3 opponents. A loss to them would give the Cure a 9 point advantage in the standings. But, a win for the Saints would bring balance back to the universe. But how do you STOP THE CURE!!!!! First, break Buddle. He cannot be allowed to score. Second, and this is most important. Can someone score a freaking goal for the Saints!!! Scream it loud, scream it proud on gameday. STOP THE CURE! STOP THE CURE!! STOP THE CURE!!!


  1. Peter Lowry for Edgaras Jankauskas?

  2. Gateway United22/4/10

    That's a funny one