Saints In Seek Of Answers Fast


Inexcusable! What our fans had to witness this weekend was just plan inexcusable. This is not how we play football at Gateway United. Game 3 of the season saw Union S.C. take a quick 3-0 lead and the Saints players responded with 2 points! That is all we could muster. This roster should have 2 points by Saturday morning. Everywhere we turned Union S.C. appeared to have scored on us this week. 6 points felt more like 100 points and if there was a mercy rule in place it would have been used. This is by far one of the most humbling moments in Gateway United history. Sure the Saints have lost games before, but not like this. We got creamed. What makes matters worse is our players like Romero and Galindo aren't even getting shots on goal. There will be a closed door meeting on Monday. We cannot allow this to happen next week when we go up against the St. Louis Cure in a Show-Me Cup match.

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