Week 9

Fanendo Adi, Federico Higuain(C), Alan Gordon, Jairo Arrieta, Will Bruin, Je Vaughn Watson, Shaun Maloney, Innocent Emeghara, David Texeira, Boniek Garcia, David Ousted(G), Kevin Doyle(S1), Jack McInnerney(S2), Ignacio Piatti(S3), Clint Irwin(R)



Gateway United has decided to pick up Will Bruin and David Texeira and release Zack Loyd, Shannon Williams. With the unrest about how the season has gone, the moves are a meager attempt to calm a frantic fan base.


Week 8

Fanendo Adi, Federico Higuain(C), Alan Gordon, Zach Loyd, Jairo Arrieta, Boniek Garcia, Je Vaughn Watson, Shaun Maloney, Kevin Doyle, Sheanon Williams, Clint Irwin(G), Innocent Emeghara(S1), Jack McInnerney(S2), Ignacio Piatti(S3), David Ousted(R)


Saints Slump Continues

Gateway United suffered another defeat after losing to Second City 3-2 over the weekend. The result puts the Saints with a dismal 1-4-1 record. "We're just not that good at the moment. The talent is there, but the performances are not." said the club president. The announced lineup for week 7 is: Adi(C), Higuain, Gordon, Innocent, Arrieta, Garcia, Olave, Maloney, Doyle, S.Williams, Ousted(G), Pierazzi(S1), McInnerney(S2), Piatti(S3), Irwin(R)


Dropping Points

For the 2nd week in a row, the Saints let a match slip away. Once again a lead was wasted in the closing minutes in a 4-3 loss to Union S.C in week 5 of BSL action. "Dropping these points is going to come back and bite us I'm sure" said the manager. The next match is critical against Second City. The club needs to gain ground in the standings and has made a transaction signing Jamison Olave and releasing Luis Garrido. The announced lineup is" Adi, Innocent, Piatti(C), Higuain, McInnerney, Gordon, Arrieta, Garcia, S.Williams, Olave, Irwin(G), Pierazzi(S1), Doyle(S2), Maloney(S3), Ousted(R)