Saints Let One Slip Away

Gateway United was forced to play a man down after Federico Higuain was sent off with a red card verses Alamo City in week 4 of the BSL. The Saints had built a slim 2-1 lead before the discipline and it proved costly as in the late moments of the match, Robert Earnshaw would equalize and the match would end in a 2-2 draw versus Alamo City. "It's very frustrating to not see the game out and to have subs score on you. These mistakes have to stop!" Gateway United faired much better in the MCQ with a 7-2 smack down against Second City. "It made the week much easier to handle taking down the Stars like that." Next on the schedule will be Founders Cup rival Union S.C., who is playing very well and is beaming with confidence. The announced lineup for the match is: Adi(C), Emeghara, Arrieta, Garcia, Gordon, Garrido, Maloney, Pierazzi, S.Williams, Doyle, Irwin(G), Piatti(S1), McInnerney(S2), Higuain(S3), Ousted(R)


Slow Start

Losing to the new SC Canada club put into question the mental toughness of this Gateway United side this season. After all, the Saints went into the match as favorites and blew a late 2-1 lead to bout. "The season is young and the 1-2 start is not the worry, its the poor play on the pitch." said the manager. Now an all important weekend is upon the club as the Saints will face Founders Cup rival Alamo City next and also need to play Second City to get a result for the Majors Cup. "Both matches are super important. This club does not want to go 1-3 to start the season, and qualifying for the MC is always a big priority." The announced lineup for both matches this weekend is: Piatti(C), Adi, Emeghara, Arrieta, Gordon, Higuain, Maloney, Garcia, S.Williams, Pierazzi, Ousted(G), McInnerney(S1), Garrido(S2), Doyle(S3), Irwin(R)


Doyle Rights Purchased

Gateway United has purchased the rights to Irish international Kevin Doyle for an $8 transfer fee. "Frankly, I'm surprised he went for so cheap. " said the Saints manager. Doyle will most like join the club in the summer and while he will miss a lot of the BSL season, he'll be available down the stretch when the club will need that extra depth. Released from the roster to make room was Michael Farfan.


Saints Recover to Beat Spartans

Falling behind early to the BSL champs, Gateway United held strong and earned the clubs first win on the season. Adi's first of 2 goals on the day was the game winner and sent the Saints faithful to an uproar. Later, Adi was quoted in saying "A draw was never in the script. This club wanted the full 3 points and wanted to show its dominance over the current league champs." Innocent Emeghara also played well for Gateway United with what should be considered the goal for the week. The Saints will try and continue the momentum against SC Canada. The new club is playing decent, but anything less than another 3 points will be disappointing to say the least. The announced lineup for week 3 is: Adi, Higuain(C), Piatti, Emeghara, Maloney, Arrieta, Gordon, Garcia, Garrido, McInnerney, Ousted(G), Pierazzi(S1), S.Williams(S2), Farfan(S3), Irwin(R)


A Lack Of Energy In Opener

With the exception of a Jairo Arrieta goal,  Gateway United played slow and flat in the season opener. The loss is disappointing, but also just one result. With several players out for rest due to CCL next week, the Saints have made some moves. Transaction: Drop Alex and Mapp. Sign Luis Parrido and Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi. Now the club must regroup and bring a more spirited effort against the Spartans who won their opener. The announced lineup for week 2 is: Adi, Higuain(C), Emeghara, S.Williams, Arrieta, Maloney, Gordon, Garcia, Garrido, Pierazzi, Ousted(G), Farfan(S1), Piatti(S2), McInnerney(S3), Irwin(R)


Saints Hope To Be Aggressive

Season seven is here and the Saints push for the BSL Cup begins with Burud Town SC as the first obstacle in the way. So what kind of lineup do the men in green have? Hopefully an attacking side that puts forth a lot of chances. "I want to see shots from top of the lineup to the bottom. Even if they don't go in,  I want to see opportunities. On match day if the players on this side are aggressive each weekend, then the score will no doubt end in our favor." said the clubs owner.  The announced lineup for week 1 is Higuain, Adi(C), S.Williams, Piatti, Emeghara, Garcia, Mapp, Maloney, McInerney, Arrieta, Ousted(G), Farfan(S1), Gordon(S2), Alex(S3), Irwin(R)


Saints Tame Tigers

The Saints tune-up match against Hull City saw little resistance from the Premier League opponent resulting in an early win for the men in green. "Seeing our guys up front score goals was nice and there were many other positives that came out of this weekend that did not show up in the box score." said the club president. Scoring summary: Adi(G), Garcia(2A), Higuain(G). No cards in the match. The BSL season kicks off this Friday.