One More Chance

MC Game 2: Stoners 6 Saints 5 - 2 goals from Rolfe, 2 assist from Donovan and a point from Nielsen was not enough to overtake the Stoners. "It was a good match. Very competitive. But, the boys came up short." All is not lost just yet. Thanks to the results, Houston loss to Toronto allows Gateway United a legit chance. A win over Houston could springboard the boys into the next round. To help bolster the roster, Gateway United has signed Pajoy and Robson to short term contracts.
Match Build Up: Majors Cup Game 3
Next opponent- Houston Dynamo

Lineup- Donovan, Cooper, Pajoy, Carr, Beckham, Rolfe, Mullan, Robson, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Jackson, Bolanos, Espinoza

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