Saints Gear Up for Majors Cup 12'

Gateway United is back in the Majors Cup. Qualifying as the top seed for the BSL clubs, the Saints must play Toronto, Pennsylvania, and Houston in Group A. "The first match is a must-win. We have to take advantage of our top seeding and defeat the bottom MLS club in Toronto FC. Then findng a win against either Pennsylvania or Houston will be the focus. Game 1 must bring 3 points!" said the Gateway coach. The tournament will start a few weeks removed from a disappointing 7-0 defeat in the Semi-Finals of the BSL playoffs. When asked how the club will respond, the reaction was all business. "It was a bad loss. The fans are calling us the semi final Saints and who can blame them. However, this club qualified for the Majors Cup and in several circles, this cup is just as important. There are 8 other BSL clubs that would love to have qualified, so the focus is on getting ready to win." said the coach.

Gateway United is 3-2-0 in Majors Cup play. All results are from 2009. Gateway United was a finalist that year and will try and capture the 2nd league title in club history by the conclusion of this entry.  

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