Saints 4 Blues 2

Week 12- Even though Landon Donovan was busy with the USMNT, and the Saints scoring average was slidding for the last 5 weeks, the boys got their act together in time to lay the hammer down on Union So-Cal. "This was a big 3 points. It was a confidence boost. It was a Founders Cup boost, and it keeps the club in the top 4 going into a 2 week break" said the manager.
Founder Cup Match

Gateway United at a glance.
League:  6W 4L 2T (20 points)
MCQ:    1W 0L 0T (3 points)
Founders: 2W 1L 1T (7 points)
Barium:  6-3 aggregate lead in first leg.


Match Build Up: Week 12

BSL Record- 5W 4L  2T (17 pts)
Position- 4th place

MCQ Record- 0W 0L 0T (0 pts)
Position - N/A

Next opponent- Union S.California
Versus-  4W 1L 4T

Founders Cup
Lineup- Donovan, Beckham, Cooper, Chiumiento, Castrillon, Corrales, Espinoza, Perlaza, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Solli, Perea, Rolfe.


Saints 1 Quest 0

Week 11- Well at least Kenny Cooper came to play. Because the rest of the Saints lineup is a mess. The 1-0 victory was ugly. It was quite possibly the ugliest win in the history of Gateway United football. "We needed the points and will take it, but the problems facing this club are still an issue." After a wonderful first 6 games, the last 5 matches have been horrid. Its a miracle the Saints are in the top 4 at the moment. Majors Cup qualifying is a top priority for this club and it starts next match, so the momentum needs to change now.


Match Build Up: Week 11

Record- 4-4-2 (14 pts)
Position- 6th place
Next opponent- KC Quest
Versus- 0-0-0

Lineup- Donovan, Beckham, Cooper, Chiumiento, Castrillon, Rolfe, Espinoza, Perlaza, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Solli, Perea, Corrales.


Stars 5 Saints 3

Week 10- The Saints blew a 2-0 lead against a very good Second City sqaud to fall further down the standings. This is the 3rd loss in a row after a very strong strart to the season. The club is just not playing smart at the moment. The players are not completing their chances on the pitch. This week Roger Espinoza even had a point taken away with a red card.


Match Build Up: Week 10

Record- 4-3-2 (14 pts)
Position- 4th place
Next opponent- Second City SC
Versus- 0-1-1

Lineup- Donovan, Beckham, Chiumiento, Rolfe, Corrales, Espinoza, Cooper, Solli, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Perlaza, Perea, Castrillon.


Stags 3 Saints 2

Week 9 - There is definitely some frustration mounting over in the Gateway United camp. The offense is in a slump after a great start this season and what the heck is going on with Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, to name a few. "Let's get agressive!!!" cried the coach. In a press conference the Saints announced they will sign Jamie Castrillon from Alamo City. The club commented that this is not a move based on recent results and merely a move because he was available.


Match Build Up: Week 9

Even though Burud Town has a major edge playing against Gateway United going 3-0-2 in matches played, the Stags are struggling in 2012 and this is a result the men in green should get. "There are no guarantees, but clearly we should win this match if you look at what is going on this season." Starters- Cooper, Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, Corrales, Espinoza, Paulo jr, Solli, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Chiumiento, Rolfe, Perea.