Match Build Up: Week 4

Gateway United will be in the spotlight this week against the NY Spartans. After reviewing the roster weeks ago for this opponent it was determined this would be a formittable match up. It is clear the Spartans are operated by a soccer savey mind. Starters- Cooper, Donovan, Beckham, Perlaza, Estrada, Evans, Paulo jr, Joseph, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Perea, Cameron, Balanos.


Saints 4 Gunners 1

Week 3 - Gateway United collected another 3 points on the young season defeating the Founders Cup rival Gunners 4-1. "This is a great win. The Gunners have been a major opponent in the past and getting a win in this part of the schedule is very satisfying." said the Saints owner. The game winner came from newly signed free agent David Estrada. "He is a nice surprise and had to jump on the potential that he has." The Saints will have one more week without Donovan and Beckham. "Winning without 2 DP's is the major headline in this match. The clubs that win BSL trophies are the ones that have roll players that contribute in the boxscore."

3-0-0 (9 points)
1st place league table


Match Build Up: Week 3

Gateway United takes on the CD Gunners next. The press has been all over the club manager about the inability to win against the rival including last years playoff loss. To make matters worse the Saints will be without Beckham and Donovan for this Founders Cup match up. In preparation for this dilema the Saints have picked up David Estrada and will start him right away. The rest of the roster will just have to step it up. Gateway United will be wearing the new alternate kit for the first time tomorrow. Starters- Cooper, Perlaza, Estrada, Evans, Paulo jr, Cameron, Joseph, Balanos, Nielsen-GK. Subs- Perea, Donovan, Beckham.



Week 2 - Gateway United looked sharp in its match against Gold Coast FC winning by a 5 point margin. "This kind of win plays huge for our expectations and confidence." said the Saints owner. Jimmy Nielsen got a clean sheet and saves point making him the player of the game. The starters contributed with 3 scores of their own. The Saints are now 2 points clear of first place in the BSL.

2-0-0 (6 points)
1st place league table


Match Build Up: Week 2

In the clubs weekly press release the Saints manager expressed his desire to improve off of last weeks 3-1 win over Rose City. "It was a good result to start the year off with a win. But the level of play was not to our organizations level and will look to have a better result in week 2." That opponent will be last seasons BSL Cup runner up, Gold Coast FC. Starters: Donovan, Beckham, Joseph, Perlaza, Cooper, Cameron, Evans, Paula jr. Neilsen-GK. Subs: Marquez, Balanos, Perea.



Week 1- The season opener for the 2012 campaign started off with two of the Saints designated players coming through. David Beckham's assist and Kenny Coopers goal helped pave the way with a Jimmy Nielsen point to give Gateway United a 3-1 victory over the Rose City.
1-0-0 (3 points)
3rd place league table.


Match Build Up: Week 1

First Kick is here! The Saints are primed and ready for another run towards the BSL playoffs and Majors Cup. Jimmy Neilsen will get the start at net with Hesmer missing action in week 1. Brad Evans will sit on the bench also missing week 1. Starters: Donovan, Beckham, Joseph, Perlaza, Cooper, Cameron, Paula jr, Balanos, Neilsen-GK. Subs: Marquez, Evans, Hesmer.


Alternate Kit On Display

Gateway United is please to announce the club's first ever alternate kit. Wearing exclusively green since 2009, the Saints will venture out and display the yellow of its shields stars. The color black will be used as the secondary. Sponsorship is written out instead of displaying the logo. The club will wear these colors during the Founders Cup matches as well as any possible matches where an alternate is needed. "Since the Saints are the only BSL club with green as a primary, it seems likely that the only time you'll be seeing the alternate is then." You can view all of Gateway United kits on the Club History.