Saints open against rose petals

First Kick for Gateway United's 4th BSL campaign will start against the Rose City Flyers. The Saints faithful are already thinking of creative names against this new club. "The owner of the new club may not understand that its not about disrespect. When you play against the Gateway, you better be ready. No mercy" said the Saints owner.

When will the Saints take another Barium Cup from Alliance FC? When will the Saints spank the Gumpies, uh Gunners? When will Union SC be put to tears and sing more blues? Remember the Alamo? Saints fans don't. The Sun won't be shinning in the Gold Coast this year. Second City, more like Second best. The schedule is coming finally.

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  1. Gold Coast14/2/12

    Oh the Sun will shine... right over entire city of STL when we play. LOL