Arsenal's Lead Grows After Week 2

MI Week 2- The clubs from England are showing the BSL how its done and dominated the action this week. All 3 BSL clubs scored 2 points each while some EPL clubs faired much better. Arsenal once again was on top with 7 points. Newcastle had 5 points in second place this week. The tournament is Arsenal's to lose. With 12 points total the MI Cup appears to be landing on the other side of the pond.


2nd Going Into MI-Week 2

ST. LOUIS - The Missouri Invitational continues into its 2nd week of action. Most of the clubs are bunched together after light scores. The host are in 2nd place, 2 points back of Arsenal. Week 2 roster for the Saints: Donovan, Chara, Davies, Mwanga, Lindpere, Fernandez, Johnson, Jewsbury, Hesmer. Subs and Reserves are not required in MI scoring.


Arsenal Takes Command

Missouri Invitational Week 1- Arsenals 5 points on Saturday bested all the others to start the event. The majority of the clubs repesented did not fair as well as scoring was at a premium. Many clubs had only 1 point each. MI Central is your home for the week 1 table. On a side note, since the clubs playing in the tournament are not actually playing against one another, yellow/red cards are not able to be used to bring in subs. Therefore only the starting rosters and goal keeper will be needed in line up order selections.


Missouri Invitational Preparations For 9/14

The Schedule for the 3 week event coincides with the BSL's Majors Cup Weeks 2-4. Week 1 is 9/14 - 9/17. Week 2 is 9/21 - 9/25. Week 3 is 9/28 - 10/2. Lineup's may be place in the comments of the Gateway United Official Club Site. The Rules will follow the standard BSL rulebook however lineup failures will result in zero total points for the week missed (Not a 1 point subtraction like the BSL official rules) "The Saints organization is proud to be able to host the first of this event at Money Bomb Stadium. While the boys would prefer to be playing in the Majors Cup for a league sanctioned Cup, the welcome mat is out to all the participants. Tickets have been selling fast as expected. Attractive opponents like Arsenal, Liverpool from the EPL and Union SC and Alamo City from the BSL make for a complimentary exhibition." said the Gateway United owner.


Missouri Invitational Gearing For Debut

The City of St.Louis will host a (by invitation only) tournament featuring Gateway United starting 9/14. The other clubs involved will be Aston Villa, Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle United and other BSL clubs that did not qualify for the Majors Cup. The competition will be an event that the Saints plan to host during non- Majors Cup qualifying years only. All games will be in Money Bomb Stadium. The 3 week event will be different than tourney's organized by the BSL. The standings during the 3 weeks will be tabled by points scored. The club that amasses the most offensive points in the 3 weeks is rewarded the MI Cup.