Semi Final: Gunners 7 Saints 5 - Final

End of the Line

ST.LOUIS, MO. - The second time in the BSL Semi Finals, and another exit. The Saints played hard and scored 5 points from 5 different players, but it was not enough against the Honors Trophy winner Gunners. "There is no shame in the way this club is exiting the playoffs and ending the season. It was a successful year. The Saints won 10 games and amassed 35 Points on the season. The Saints finished in the top 4 in the BSL standings. The Saints came within one win of representing in the Majors Cup. There is no shame here" said the Gateway United owner.

I wish Capital District and Gold Coast a compelling championship and the four BSL clubs success in the 2011 Majors Cup. The off season officially begins for this organization and with that reality the club announces it will RSVP for season 4. Thank you once again.

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