Third Win is Easy

SAINTS 4 RAINBOWS 0 - - It was all too easy as the Saints took down Hillcrest United this week. Thanks to Hesmer, the men in green took a 2-0 lead Friday night and the rest was just running out the clock. A few more players brought home some scores which was nice to pad the clubs stats since you never know if you'll need APG to seal the deal on a tiebreaker down the road. The only criticism was the Saints left 3 players with goals on the bench. Either way a 3-0 start is just ...... well ......"perfect".


  1. Lindpere and Juninho for Mullan and Sapong?

  2. Gateway5/4/11

    How about Huninho for Mullan?

  3. Gateway5/4/11

    Juninho (spelling error)

  4. Eh, tough one. I really like Mullan but I don't like having too many Colorado guys on my team. I'll do it.