Match Build Cup: Week 7 (Barium Cup - Leg 1)

While the Saints regret having to release the clubs line up so early for week 7, this upcoming week it was necessary. This is also the first leg of the Barium Cup.


Early Deficit To Much To Overcome

The perfect season is over. Alamo City came to play and this week bested the Saints. "You know you are going to get a tough match when you face that club and you win some and you lose some. This week we lost to an outstanding offense and an outstanding club. Handball Henry found his scoring touch and even clumsy Kamara was able to break the our defense." said the Gateway manager. Donovan was able to make the score respectable and keep our stats competitive. The rematch should have a different storyline.


Match Build Up: Week 6

The Saints perfect record faces a big challenge against the hated Monarchians of Battle. You say to yourself all matches are important and that the opponent doesn't matter, but its really not true. Playing a familiar opponent increases the anticipation.


Manchester Is No Match For Saints

The Saints continued their dominance as the boys embarassed Manchester United 6-0. Five different players scored for the Saints with Jack Jewsbury getting a brace with a goal and assist. Gateway United remains perfect for the 2011 calender. Now the Saints have to gear up against the rival Alamo City Battle who the boys have had trouble beating in the past.


Saints Enter the Bye Week 4-0!!

Week 4 on the BSL schedule concluded with the Saints remaining perfect with 12 points in 4 games. Once again without Landon Donovan, who was out with a bruised knee, the club found offense through the bottom of the order. Alan Gordon got another goal and Will Hesmer got another clean sheet. Danny Mwanga seems to be waking up with a beautiful assist this week. Charlie Davies is cleaning up with another PK goal. Now Gateway United will take a break from league action and gear up for Manchester United.


Third Win is Easy

SAINTS 4 RAINBOWS 0 - - It was all too easy as the Saints took down Hillcrest United this week. Thanks to Hesmer, the men in green took a 2-0 lead Friday night and the rest was just running out the clock. A few more players brought home some scores which was nice to pad the clubs stats since you never know if you'll need APG to seal the deal on a tiebreaker down the road. The only criticism was the Saints left 3 players with goals on the bench. Either way a 3-0 start is just ...... well ......"perfect".