Experience Hopefully Builds A Champion

Less cocky than before.
More eager for a championship than ever.
Three new players were drafted by Gateway United that hopefully will add the proper amount of depth the club was sorely lacking in 10'. Brad Evans, Scott Sealy and Alan Gordon are not going to light it up game in and game out and they don't have to. Their assignments are to contribute without any major gaps. "This organization knows the deal on how things work in the BSL having been on top (2009) and the bottom (2010). The Saints are not aiming for a decent season. The Saints are aiming for a championship season. To do that you need to stay healthy, and have the a roster that can score 1 through 8, maybe even 1 through 10." said the Saints owner. Of course this will not happen week in and week out. It doesn't need to. Just as long as someone takes up the slack for the others the wins will come. That's the mindset and hopefully these are the guys who can do it. Lastly, experience has shown that adjustments will need to be made. The draft can only do so much. Free agency and the transfer window is already on this clubs radar.

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