Saints Select Davies

Gateway United is proud to announce the addition of Charlie Davies to the roster. After a long journey to return to the pitch after a car accident left him off the World Cup squad, Davies joins fellow USMNT mate Landon Donovan to help bring the Saints back to glory. There were a couple of players the organization was mulling over, and Davies looks like he has the most upside.


The Barium Cup Challenge

Starting up for the 2011 campaign will be the Barium Cup between the Saints and the Lions. When first introduced to the idea by the Chancellor of Alliance FC it was an idea to good to pass up. While there is no geographic rivalry, the challenge of fierce competition was enough. "I have seen what has been happening over there in Nevada and have been very impressed. It was a natural to have our two great clubs come together and forge a derby that will only enhance our meetings." said the Saints owner. Barium is a chemical that explodes into a green firework. A perfect expression of what will happen when "Gateway green" meets up with "Alliance green" on the pitch. If you look close enough you'll see that both green's are displayed in the writing of the cup title.


New Schedule; Post Season Intentions

The new schedule is out. How exciting! Hopefully the Saints will rebound after failing to reach any post season action last time around. "The initial goal is 10 wins for 2011. That is not quite as ambitious as before for this organization but that with some ties should get us in the playoffs/Majors Cups or both! Ofcourse another 12 wins like in 2009 would be even better." said the Saints manager. As requested by the Gateway Manager, following a First Kick match against the BSL champions, the Saints will play the Majors Cup champions next for week 2. "The mindset was to challenge the best head on right away. We are glad the league granted us our wishes" said the Saints owner. Other noteable matches will be week 5 against the hated Monarchs, uh Battle. The first revisit of the rival Gunners comes up in week 11. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for announcements on which international opponents the Saints will play in 2011 in weeks 5 and 16. As far as preseason is concerned, there might time for 1 preseason fixture the week before first kick, but it all depends on how long the draft takes. "Its always good to set up a practice before the season, and all hopes is there will be a week between the draft and the season to set one up"


Saints Perspective on the Saves Rule

The league office made a major announcement last night that just might change the way the BSL thinks about its goalies. Added to the score sheet is a goalies saves total. The question remains if this will change the complexion of his value. Every owner is bound to have a different opinion and the draft will be the first clue to how much each owner really feels about this rule addition. In the past goalies have been picked rather late in the draft. Will this remain the same? "I welcome the rule and feel it can only benefit the game. If a club can find that special someone who can supply a steady stream of shutouts while absorbing a lot of saves it could be a deadly combination. My feeling is this guy will be a diamond in the rough. Its hard to put up a zero if you have to handle a lot of shots." said the Saints owner.