Still No Answer for the Gunners or the Season

There is definitely more questions than answers surrounding Gateway United these days. Who's staying, who's going. Who deserves playing time and who doesn't. This week's game against the hated Gunners did little to provide any relief. Once the first whistle blew the Saints back line gave up a whole slew of points to the Gunners forcing the Saints to play catch up the whole match. Frustration's further mounted when Julian de Guzman was ejected from the match. "De Guzman is already on thin ice with his total lack of play these days and this was just a slap in the face" The one player that has shown steady play as of late and is proving his merit in the starting lineup is Danny Mwanga. "He's just keep's scoring and we need that right now". Landon Donovan's return was a welcomed site but even he can't ignore the on and off field issues surrounding this club. The end result was a completely overmatched Saints squad losing again to the CD Gunners. "Maybe one day we'll figure out a way to defeat the Gunners. Right now we need to focus on how to salvage our season"

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