Saints Staying Within a Certain Budget

It's the stretch run of the 2010 BSL season and although the results have not been kind to Gateway United the desire to win will always be in the clubs montra. The league's trading deadline is drawing near and at the current moment there does not seem to be and trades in the pipeline for our club. The transfer market did bring Castillo to the Saints, but other transfer players have chosen to play elsewhere. "We simply cannot go overboard on trying to obtain players like Fernandez. The price for his talent was just too high. With the club sitting in 7th place you have to start think about 2011 even though you still want to win today." said the Saints owner.
The desire to win today saw the club bring a few fresh faces to Gateway United. Kheli Dube was picked up from Burud Town and Will Johnson was picked up from Capital District. Neither are the impact players that the Saints were trying to obtain, but they will be put into play. Gateway United will continue to look for talent, but will continue to protect its current core roster players.

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