Saints Show Character In Game 5

Is is possible to claim victory without a win. Well for the Saints the feeling is mostly positive after pulling out a point in the standings against the CD Gunners. It was a game we could easily have lost and probably would have earlier this season. The offense was struggling. This week boast out best tally of the year and several players were on the box score. If we continue to play like this, the wins will come. The CD Gunners are a tough opponent and are probably the opponent we fear and respect the most because we have never beat them.

Gateway United trailed in this game the whole time. Angel gave the CD Gunners a quick lead but we fought back. They kept on scoring and we kept fighting back. With the clock winding down Gateway United still trailed 5-4 and Landon Donovan pulled in some late heroics. He is still without a goal on the season but the bottom line is this was a real improvement for our club.

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