The first win is always the hardest


Following a very frustrating opener, Gateway United did what was needed to get a positive result. The club is still not firing on all cylinders as several key players have yet to bring home a point. Landon Donovan was once again blanked as well as Romero, De Guzman and Galindo. The Greeks struck first with a Jaime Moreno goal. Gateway United equalized with a Jeff Cunningham goal off of a penalty kick. Then Freddy Ljundberg added an assist and the lead was 2-1. Marco Pappa and Coundoul added some insurance as the Greeks failed to score another point. It wasn't a dominating match but the result is beautiful. We needed the win and the momentum. We still have a lot of room for improvement. Also in the match was the clubs first red card. Luis Landin was ejected and thankfully had no baring on the results of the match.

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