Landin joins Gateway United under a tight leash

The first reserve player for the Saints will most likely be the Houston Dynamo's designated player Luis Landin. How far he sunk so fast. When he was first introduced to the MLS last year, it was with great fanfare. Then when he hit the field he looked slow and outclassed. Now to be fair it was in the tail end of the MLS season. He will join Gateway United with a watchful eye to see if he can come to form. If he does then he will be started. If he doesn't then he doesn't belong on this club and perhaps he might need to go with that other St. Louis team.


  1. That other STL club had him booked as their next striker. I NOW know I have a trader on my staff who is feeding you super top secret highly confidential intel. The Cure may get the last laugh as reports are he is injured and not fit.

  2. traitor, that is. Man I need some sleep.

  3. Gateway United2/3/10

    I highly doubt he's going to start for me. Depending on the other reserves I have, he might not even be placed as my #1 reserve either.

  4. In that case it's worth the risk. Houston isn't deep up top and he has time to get in shape.