Gateway United players answer preseason and opening game questions

As the Saints began training camp today to prepare for their first game of the 2010 season the reporters that always surround the club took advantage of the time to ask some questions.

Reporter: How do you feel about the new league ruling to increase roster space?
Donovan: We feel it will only benefit us and also benefit our opponents. Its a win win.
Reporter: What are you most looking forward to the year?
Cunningham: A championship!
Reporter: Is there any game on the schedule you are looking most forward to?
Busch: All the games on the schedule are important. From the first to the last. Ofcourse the return players here won't admit it but they sure would like to get some redemption over Montgomery County after last years semi-final game loss. The ownership is also muttering some fowl words about that other St.Louis club as well.
Reporter: You are the early seasons favorites. Any pressure?
Ljundberg: When you play for Gateway United, you wear the pressure on your kit. It comes with the territory when you're here.
Reporter: Opening day is a few weeks away and you are to play Gold Coast F.C. Any comments?
de Guzman: Not really. We will play our game and our tempo and ofcourse expect to capture 3 points in the standings. Its the Saints way.


  1. kirktrobot7/3/10

    Reporter: Is it true that management has 14 therapists on the payroll, one for each player, in preparation for the humiliating defeat you are going to suffer at the hands of the Cure?

  2. Gateway United7/3/10

    No comment. We do not believe in make believe. There are no boogy men. There is no bigfoot. And the Cure cannot beat the Saints. Pure fiction. Next question.