Gateway United can't find the net in season opener


Even with all the preparations and all the fanfare sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce the way you want it. Gateway United wasted countless scoring chances to lose game 1 of the 2010 season 2-1 to Gold Coast FC. The lone scorer was Landon Donovan who had an assist in the 5th minute of his game. We go live to the post game press conference.
REPORTER: Your thoughts on the match?
MANAGER: Obviously we are very disappointed with the outcome. We didn't finish the plays that were presented. Ljundberg was limping around the place, Romero and Mwanga seemed lost without a map of where the net was.
REPORTER: Any good things to say?
MANAGER: Well Cunningham played well but just didn't get any results and Donovan made a good effort. He really should have taken the shot in the 85th minute though. We didn't have a good game plain and simple. It happens in a 20 game season. Better to be the first than the last game I would say.
REPORTER: Thoughts on your opponent Gold Coast FC?
MANAGER: They did enough to win. We respect all our opponents but we beat ourselves in this one.


Match Build Up: Game 1

Donovan/Cunningham/Ljundberg/de Guzman Pappa/Galindo/Mwanga/Romero


Kevin Hartman signed on to replace Jon Busch


What a strange off season it has been. Now that a new Collective Bargaining Agreement has been approved the players can focus on the game itself. Well almost all the players. It seems that 2008 Goalkeeper of the year Jon Busch will not be suiting up. Because of this Gateway United was forced to release him for Kevin Hartman. Busch has been quoted saying that his agent is currently looking for an opening for him but with the season starting in a few days most clubs have their keepers locked in. The Saints have faith that Hartman can come in and do the job regardless of this strange setback.


Saints strong arm St. Louis foes in preseason match


The first ever meeting between Gateway United and the St. Louis Cure is in the books. It was supposed to be a simple preseason exercise. What it became was a physical match. That is what happens when two teams that don't like each other get together. The Saints opened the scoring with a goal from Marco Pappa. This goal was later taken away after Pappa received not one, but two yellow cards. His ejection did not sit well with the Saints coach. The entire supporters group could hear the four letter words flying out of his mouth. The Saints would reclaim a 1-0 lead with Luis Landin's assist. Way to go Luis! The boys from the wrong side of St. Louis equalized with a penalty kick from Robbie Findley. As was mentioned before this was a physical match. The Saints reclaimed the lead for good with Kenny Mansally's goal . Frei had a clean sheet on the reserve side of the roster and Mwanga had a yellow card as well for the Saints.


Saints to play preseason friendly against rivals beginning March 10th

A preseason friendly has been announced between Gateway United and new inter city rivals St. Louis Cure. The two clubs will get together March 10th - March 17th to help prepare for the new season. Several key players are not expected to suit up for the friendly such as Donovan, Galindo and Romero, but some preseason action is better than none at all.
"We want to use this time to our advantage. We are treating this as an exercise more than anything else and want to stress to our passionate fans that the result is secondary. Ofcourse, we will treat the Cure players like the dogs that they are."
The Saints lineup for the friendly has also been announced. The starters will be Cunningham, Ljundberg, de Guzman, Pappa, Mwanga, Landin, Mansally, Salinas, Busch(GK). The Subs will be Jankauskas, Romero, Galindo. Reserves will be Donovan, Frei.


Gateway United players answer preseason and opening game questions

As the Saints began training camp today to prepare for their first game of the 2010 season the reporters that always surround the club took advantage of the time to ask some questions.

Reporter: How do you feel about the new league ruling to increase roster space?
Donovan: We feel it will only benefit us and also benefit our opponents. Its a win win.
Reporter: What are you most looking forward to the year?
Cunningham: A championship!
Reporter: Is there any game on the schedule you are looking most forward to?
Busch: All the games on the schedule are important. From the first to the last. Ofcourse the return players here won't admit it but they sure would like to get some redemption over Montgomery County after last years semi-final game loss. The ownership is also muttering some fowl words about that other St.Louis club as well.
Reporter: You are the early seasons favorites. Any pressure?
Ljundberg: When you play for Gateway United, you wear the pressure on your kit. It comes with the territory when you're here.
Reporter: Opening day is a few weeks away and you are to play Gold Coast F.C. Any comments?
de Guzman: Not really. We will play our game and our tempo and ofcourse expect to capture 3 points in the standings. Its the Saints way.


The goal is to be the best

The Saints will begin its 2010 season with Jon Busch between the post. Now the roster is full and further evaluation will commence on who will be placed where for game 1 of the season.

"We have a pretty good idea who our 8 starters plus keeper will be when we take the field against Gold Coast in a few weeks but we will leave nothing to chance. A strong opening match is what's needed to further show the rest of the league that we are the dominate organization of the league. The goal is to beat last year. The goal is more wins, more points, and a championship or two."

Mansally takes 11th spot for now

The next addition to the Gateway United roster is Kenny Mansally. The forward only had a goal and 2 assists in 2009, and 3 goals/1 assist in 2008 but he is expected to get lots of playing time in New England and is worthy of a spot on the roster at this time. The Saints now have filled their 11 field players and will now make plans on their roster placement in the next few weeks. The club will seek a goal keeper to complete its roster.


Landin joins Gateway United under a tight leash

The first reserve player for the Saints will most likely be the Houston Dynamo's designated player Luis Landin. How far he sunk so fast. When he was first introduced to the MLS last year, it was with great fanfare. Then when he hit the field he looked slow and outclassed. Now to be fair it was in the tail end of the MLS season. He will join Gateway United with a watchful eye to see if he can come to form. If he does then he will be started. If he doesn't then he doesn't belong on this club and perhaps he might need to go with that other St. Louis team.

Saints going to attack with Romero


To close out a potential starting roster for Gateway United, the Saints have just signed Salvadoran Attacking Midfielder Osael Romero. This 23 year shows a lot of promise and has been given high praise from Chivas USA. Hopefully it does not take him long to get used to the physical nature of the MLS.


Saints bolster their roster with youth and experience

Just when the fans of Gateway United began to catch their breath, the Saints announce the signing of Maykel Galindo and Danny Mwanga. Another two great additions to this roster. Both players have great upside benefits. Galindo has the potential (if healthy) to score a bucket load of goals. Mwanga will have the weight of his new MLS team to motivate him to put up decent rookie numbers. Who knows Mwanga could be a future Saints designated player.

4th round steal? The Saints think so

The next big announcement from Gateway United is here! The Club has just signed Marco Pappa to suit up for 2010.
"With the absence of Blanco, we believe Marco's roll will be increased and with that his production. He had 5 goals and 4 assists in 2009"