Great players play for Superclub's

The reason Gateway United is destined to be the premiere franchise in the BSL is because of its committment having the best players. So far Gateway United has spinned its wheels to bring back its talent. The talent that guided the Saints to 12 wins in 2009. Now its time to release plans to guide the Saints into the next evolution of its premiership. Please welcome Julian de Guzman to the greatest team in the BSL.
de Guzman walks to the podium and holds up the Gateway kit. lightbulbs are flashing as the press eats it up. Now he speaks.................
"I want to thank Gateway United for this opportunity. It has always been my passion to win a championsip and I feel this club gives me the best opportunity to do this. When you think of winning, you think of the Saints."
Why is the club so excited about their 3rd round pick. De Guzman is Toronto's designated player and will have DeRosario to assist him in the attack. If he doesn't score a ton of goals then Toronto is going to stink again and I don't think they are going to stink.

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